Discover Azzeccagarbugli

Ristorante Azzeccagarbugli

In this magical place, people can live a unique culinary experience, from lunch or dinner to the happy hour, where the historical atmosphere is mixed with the lively atmosphere of the contiguous/neighbouring square "XX settembre", the biggest one in the whole city. "L'azzeccagarbugli" is the perfect place where every taste can be perfectly fulfilled.


The historical

Suffused lights, warm colours, wooden tables and chairs and fabulous paintings on the walls which show the suggestive sceneries of Manzoni masterpiece “The betrothed”. The location is cosy and welcoming and there are 70 seats.



Vivid colours and modern furniture are the essential elements for such a contemporary and welcoming location in the centre of the city. With 25 seats, it is the best place for private parties and taste itineraries.



During spring and summer is possible to sit outside in the charming view of XX September square, which is loaded with cheerfulness and vitality.